10 steps to get your ex girl friend back

Breaks ups are difficult occurrences that can leave both parties devastated; no matter who was at fault, the ending of a relationship is never a trivial matter. Sometimes the breaking of a relationship is essential if those involved are to find a semblance of peace. Other times, break ups are little more than an opportunity to sit back and reflect on past mistakes before making attempts to recreate the relationship anew with the aim of crafting a long lasting connection.

+10 steps to get your ex girl friend back
There are few broken relationships that cannot be fixed; behind even the most explosive break up is a sliver of hope for two emotionally hurt individuals to find one another once more. Of course, before taking steps to get one’s ex girl friend back, it is always advisable to take some time to ask oneself whether this is what they really want. 

Some relationships deserve die, with only those individuals who truly believe in rekindling their past love advised to take the necessary actions to get their ex girl friend back, some steps bound to prove effective in this endeavor including the following:

-Before even considering a future with your ex, remember the past; some professionals have even suggested mourning your failed relationship. Understand the variables that caused the break up, learn to live with them and only pursue a relationship with your ex once you are mentally settled and emotionally ready to leave the past behind.

-Space is essential after a break up; you need to give your ex ample breathing room, at least a few weeks during which you make no notable attempts to contact her, be it through email, social media or by phone. Stay away.

-Distance away from your ex will provide both of you the time you require to heal and collect your thoughts, after which you can then take steps to reach out to her in a casual manner. The idea is to avoid forcing yourself into her life, instead making a simple gesture to connect with her as a friend.

-If you can establish a line of communication with her, the next step is to engage in physical interaction. Arrange a simple get together, such as breakfast in a non-romantic setting during which you can catch up with one another.

-It is essential that you maintain a friendly demeanor at all times; romantic gestures are bound to back fire; provide her the listening ear she needs without making any overtures of romantic or sexual desperation. Simply put, act normal.

-Make an effort to attract her attention; treat your ex the way you would deal with a new girl. Watch what you wear and how you smell. Act confident. Show her that side that once attracted her to you when you first met.

-Apologizing repeatedly for the break up is highly discouraged, especially once the topic stops mattering. You do not want to take all the blame for the break up. At the same time, laying all the responsibility at her door is never acceptable. Accept what happened and the part you had to play, and then move on.

-Treat her well, possibly even better than you used to during your relationship. Take her out to lunch as often as possible without being too pushy. Provide her a shoulder to cry on, and a present or two will improve your value in her eyes.

-Naturally if you wish to rekindle your relationship with your ex, avoid the mistakes that split you two apart in the first place; understand your faults and take steps to fix them. At the very least you will show her your willingness to sacrifice for her sake.

-The easiest, and often most crucial, means of getting your ex back is reminding her of all the good times you once had; visiting the best and warmest memories of your relationship will remind her of what she might be missing.

10 Steps To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

So you and your significant other have separated and you’ve found out that absence really does make the heart grow fonder. It’s okay, we’ve all been there before. Love lorn and heart broken, aching for anyway to get that special person back into our life. Well you’ve come to the right place! In this article I will give you ten simple steps to get your ex boyfriend back, so that you can rekindle your lost love.

Step 1: Re-Initiating Contact
Alright, so you’re going to want to tread carefully with this first step. Re-initiating contact is going to be the hardest part of this process, and the one that will require the most subtle touch for success. Think back to people that you’ve broken up with in the past, and the text messages that they sent you when they wanted you back. A good first step in starting a conversation with an ex is to ask them if you left something at their place. This will seem like an innocent and non-binding attempt at communication, and can be your in to draw them into a deeper conversation. Be sure to wait to take this first step until some time has passed, generally a week or two.

Step 2: Slowly Re-Develop Your Connection
Alright, so after you’ve managed to get back into contact, now what do you talk about? How did you and this person first start developing a relationship together? What common interests and activities did you discuss? Did you both have a favorite TV show in common? You’re goal here is re-develop a relationship, but not yet a romantic one. So be sure to keep the subject away from romantic subjects for the time being.

Step 3: Play It Cool
Now that you’ve gotten your ex back into consistent contact, you need to keep them there. Odds are that if they broke up with you, they are hesitant to restart your relationship. Remember that as of now you’re at step one with this person again, so play it cool. Don’t rush to respond, and try to hold him at an arms length.

Step 4: Let Him Know How Important He Is To You
Everyone loves feeling wanted, but men take it to an extreme. If you want to work your way back into his confidences, try to remind him that you do care, and that you do still love him. Don’t go overboard here, he will get the message after you tell him this once. Wait to enact this step until around a week after you both have started talking again.

Step 5: Admit Your Faults
By now you’ve probably found out why your ex broke up with you. If you want a second chance, you’re going to have to admit that their concerns are valid. Don’t come right out and say this however, as that will seem disingenuous. You have to do your best to work your way to this topic naturally, and or at least already be in a conversation that’s tangentially related.

Step 6: Stay Off Of Memory Lane
Never bring up negative aspects of what occurred between the two of you, unless you’re apologizing. You don’t want to do anything to remind this person of why they broke up with you, or they may start to believe that you’re not worth the trouble. So try to keep the conversation in the now, it will help the two of you move forward instead of constantly looking back.

Step 7: Hang Out With Him Around Common Friends
This step only works if the two of you shared some common friends. What you’re trying to accomplish here is conjuring good memories of the past that you two shared. You want to get the idea into his head that the two of you can be happy together, just like you used to be. Try to keep your party at a maximum of three people, besides you and your ex. This will allow you to still talk to him easily, but it also keeps it from feeling like a romantic outing.

Step 8: Go Out To A Movie
Alright, for this step your going to need some help from your friends. What you’ll need to do is tell your ex that you and a couple of your friends all want to go out and see a movie together. Then you explain the situation to your friends and ask them all to cancel, so that you and your ex can finally get some time alone. Play it cool here, and remember to act surprised when they cancel to avoid suspicion.

Step 9: Gingerly Bring Up The Idea of Trying Again
So by now you’ve re-initiated contact and spent some time together with your ex. This is where you’ll finally make your move. Very calmly and carefully bring up the idea that maybe the two of you can get back together again. If you’ve followed these steps, it will already be on his mind too! Just try not to be too crestfallen if he says no at first. Just keep making plans with your friends and inviting him, eventually he will change his mind.

Step 10: Actually Become A Better Person
So by now you’ve gotten your ex back. Do you want to keep him? If you don’t want to have to repeat this whole process again, you’re actually going to have to change whatever drove him away in the first place. If you’re unable to do that, things are never going to work out between you and this person and you will cause yourself a lot of heartache.

I hope that you found this article helpful in your love life. Getting your ex boyfriend back can be a challenge, but if you’ve got some luck and determination, than this article can help. Good luck!

Consulting With Your Ex To Get Them Back

Breakups are not an easy experience for most people. They come with bitterness from betrayal, self blame and at times hatred. The fact that the breakup happened does not mean that one cannot get back into the same relationship and make it work. Getting back with an ex only requires one to follow the right steps.

Steps to getting back with an ex
1. Change and correct any mistakes done in the past. This is mainly the case if you were the reason behind the breakup. Apologize and promise to change. This means that you have something new to bring into the relationship if your ex accepts you back. Be willing to correct where you went wrong. Empty promises should however be avoided. Be truly sorry and willing to correct since making a promise and breaking it later may lead to further betrayal.

2. When consulting be apologetic and mean what you say. There is no need of being sorry if you don’t mean it. Make up for the mistakes you made in the past. There is also need to prove to your partner that you are truly sorry as this assures them that you are serious about getting back.

3. Be patient in your consultation. The fact that the relationship did not last means that something went wrong and your partner could have fallen out. Understand and be patient with them. Do not expect instant answers and actions. Give them time to think about it and make a decision.

4. Be open and explain to your partner why you want them back in your consult. Tell him or her what you feel. This should be done in a very honest way if the relationship has to work. Explaining helps your ex understand your motive and puts them in a position where they can see things from your point of view.
Tips for getting back with your ex
1. Getting mutual friends you both trust may be helpful in explaining your intentions to your ex. This is mainly the case if you were the one on the wrong. Using friends for strategy consulting to apologize and speak up for you may be advantageous especially in a case where your ex does not believe what you say.  

2. Manage the right parties. Talk to relatives and friends about your decision and listen to their advice. If need be, talk to a top consultant so that they assist you in doing things the legal way. 
Benefits of getting back with an ex
1. The makeup allows you to be in a relationship with someone you are already familiar with. You do not have to take so much to know the person as you have been with them in the past.

2. Projects already started together during the previous relationship (if the breakup has not been for a long time) can still be continued together.

3. Having lessons from past experiences ensures that both parties are able to deal with situations affecting the relationship in a better way. If the two are committed to making the relationship last longer, then solving issues becomes easy and productive.

4. Relationships involve building and motivating each other. Getting back with an ex even after you wronged them means that they are ready to accept you back and help you out in correcting your past mistakes for the better.

How giving a gift could help reconcile things between you and your ex

One of the simplest pleasures in life is that of giving a gift. It is a truly amazing feeling to watch someone open a gift that you have given. To see the smile on their face as they appreciate the thought and effort you have put into their present, can be a very special moment. This moment can be especially rewarding if you are giving the gift to your partner. Whether it is your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, the perfect gift could be your way of showing how much they mean to you. Not everyone finds it easy to express feelings emotionally, so it can be easier to show how you feel. As they say, actions speak louder than words. By going to the effort of buying something for your partner that you know they will love, will allow them to recognize just how much you truly care. Giving a gift could also be a good way to reconcile things between you and your partner. If they have become your ex and you simply do not want this, then perhaps purchasing a gift that shows your true feelings could bring you back together.
The first and most important step after deciding to try and reunite with your partner is to decide if a gift is the right idea. Simply put, a gift is always a good idea. Although a gift might not solve every problem, it will be start in the right direction. Your ex will appreciate that you have spent time thinking about them and that you are trying to make them happy.
The next step is deciding on the right gift. The most important thing is to ensure that your gift is thoughtful. This does not necessarily mean it must be expensive. This just means that you should buy something you know your other half will appreciate. For example, if your ex-girlfriend or ex-wife loves flowers, then flowers are an excellent anniversary gift. They are simple, elegant and cost effective. But, you can make this gift extra special by choosing her favorite kind of flower or her favorite color. It is important to make it personal. If you are buying for an ex boyfriend then think of something you know he loves. Whether it’s a video game or his favorite beer, just make sure it is something he will love. The more personal, the more likely they are let you back into their life.
The next step is to decide where and when you should give them the appreciation gifts. Perhaps you should take them to where you had your first date or take them to your favorite restaurant. Maybe the home you shared is special for you. Again, it needs to be personal to both of you. If you give the gift in a place that holds good memories for you both, then he or she is more likely to forgive and forget your differences. 
The last step is presentation. Presentation of the gift can be very important. By wrapping the gift nicely it will show that you have put in that extra effort. Presentation also includes how you actually present the gift. Think about what you want to say and what this gift means for both of you. Remember to make your intentions clear and to let your partner know how much they mean to you. The gift will simply show them how you feel and hopefully help for you to reconcile all your differences.